Oatmeals Beneficial Role In Fighting Cancer

A childhood staple, that welcoming bowl of warm oatmeal, might do double-duty as a nutritional shield in the fight against some types of cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends oatmeal as a beneficial part of a healthy diet designed to control your cancer risk. Oatmeal may offer additional health benefits in the diet, as well, but talk to your doctor before eating oatmeal regularly if you suffer from chronic gout, because oatmeal contains purines that can trigger a gout flare-up.

Oatmeal Properties

Oatmeal, which consists of the processed seeds, or groats, of the Avena sativa plant, contains 166 calories and about 4g of soluble fiber per cup of plain cooked oatmeal. Additional nutrients include manganese, selenium phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. The soluble fiber in oatmeal is gel forming in the digestive system, where it binds bile acids and acts on lipids and plasma to reduce cholesterol levels.


Cancer And Fiber In The Diet

Although clinical results are mixed, there is some evidence that the soluble fiber content in oatmeal might reduce the risk of colorectal cancer. According to the results of a study published in the November 2011 edition of the British Medical Journal, eating a diet high in whole grain fiber, like that found in oatmeal, might reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Eating oatmeal, may also reduce the risk of developing breast cancer in some women.

Preparation Ideas

Add oomph to plain cooked oatmeal without adding butter, which adds the saturated fat youre trying to avoid. Increase your fiber intake by stirring 1/4 cup of applesauce and 2 teaspoons of brown sugar into a bowl of cooked oatmeal, made from 1/2 cup rolled oats and 1 cup of water. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon and youll be getting 9g of fiber and 13g of protein to kick-start a healthy day. Sprinkle rolled oats into your smoothie before blending and whir rolled oats in the blender for a few seconds to make a smooth oat powder you can add to muffins and cookies.

Additional Health Benefits

Eating healthy, along with exercising and regular medical checkups, is the best way to reduce your risk of cancer. Oatmeal may offer additional health benefits, including stabilizing blood sugar levels and boosting immunity. As a healthy addition to a low fat, low-cholesterol diet, oatmeal can reduce the risk of heart disease by helping lower bad LDL cholesterollevels.  Oatmeals natural ability to digest slowly helps you feel full longer, making it a welcome diet addition for those wanting to shed a few pounds.

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